Monday, April 20, 2015

The WORST thing that can happen to a book lover.....

  Why yes,  I am in a reading slump.  I have all these books to read - over 100 on hand either in print or on my Nook - and currently NONE of them make me want to read.  Ahhhhhh!  I absolutely hate being in a reading slump.  When this happens to me, absolutely nothing I pick up satisfies me, or at least it's difficult.  Has this ever happened to you?   What did you do about it?

Here are some things that I have tried that have been suggested to me:

1. Re-read an old favorite.  This particular method doesn't work for me when I am in a slump.  Yes the charm of those favorites is still there, but I already know how the story goes, so the urgency to read is gone.  I already know that Harry defeats Voldemort and finds a way to protect the Sorcerer's stone, thank you very much. Even if I could get into an old favorite, it doesn't translate into getting me into NEW books.

2. Step away from reading.   This is like suggesting I hold my breath until the feeling passes.  Books for me are oxygen so even though I might be in a slump, NOT reading is NOT an option.

3. Return to a favorite genre.  This has been my most practiced method of getting out of a slump, but this time, I have had limited success.   My tried and true genres to get me going are either YA or Fantasy.  I have read several this weekend: Cold Spell, How to Build a Better Girl ( so well written, will have to go back to it when the slump is over),  Grace of Day..... nothing is really holding my attention.

4. So far, the best method that I have found is read the first page of several books that I have and find what captures me.  Parlor Games did that for me - awesome book - had me right at the get go.

5. Usually when I'm reading, I give a book 50 pages to develop.  If the book hasn't captured me in that amount of time, I move on.  But when I'm in a slump I give the books MUCH longer to develop because sometimes it really is me.... not you.

6.  I treat myself to a book I've been really excited about and hope for the best.  I'm getting ready to start Hausfrau and I'm really excited about it.

What are some of the tried and true methods that you use?

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