Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dune by Frank Herbert

Front Cover  I read the story many years ago, and of course, watched the wonderful film version from the 80's.   This is one of the film adaptations which, for the most part, does a really wonderful job of preserving the original story. This is the story of Paul Arteides and his family.  Sent to the planet Arakkis from their home planet of Caladon, the Arteides family has been set up for a fall.   Will they find a way to survive - the planet, the political climate, their mortal enemies?  And what will become of the Fremen - the native peoples of Arakkis?

This is a political space odyssey.  So much fun.  There was so much I missed the first time I read it, really glad that I revisited it.  Seriously considering taking up the remainder of the series.   If you haven't read this one and enjoy a truly amazing science fiction novel - this one is brilliant.

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