Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Secrets of Mary Bowser

The Secrets of Mary Bowser: A Novel  I had no idea that this book was based on a true story, I chose it largely for it's cover, to be honest.  Old keys really fascinate me. This is the story of Mary,  a young slave girl whose owner, with abolitionist ideas decides, not only to free Mary, but also to educate her.
Mary is educated, makes new friends and finds herself at the heart of the Abolitionist movement.  Eventually, she returns to Richmond to take care of her father who is sickly.   She finds herself posing as a slave in the Southern White House to be a spy for the North.  Mary has many fascinating adventures and experiences.  I think the parts of the book that stayed with me the most are Mary's impressionable ideas about freedom in the North.  She sees herself, as a free woman, as equal to her white counterparts, only to find that, even in the North, people still hold bigoted ideas.
It was very well written and I enjoyed it greatly.  It's an added bonus that I learned some real history.  4 out of 5 stars.  If you enjoy books set during this era, this book is for you!

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