Saturday, April 25, 2015

Grace of Day by S.L. Naeole

10001576   I started reading this series at the beginning of the year, I really enjoyed the first two books.  The third book, not so much.  I hate when books start wrapping plot lines up into neat little bows that don't make any sense - Stacey becoming an Erlking, anyone?  So convenient for the main character, Grace, that her best friend, who is fighting Cancer, doesn't really die.   But, perhaps I'm being to harsh?  After all, it's not like I can suspend disbeleif and go with any of the plot anyhow.
I continued with the series because I have to read a series for my PopSugar challenge.  Since I have been unable to find anything that really appeals to me,  I continued on.  There are four books in the series - each one of them over a thousand pages.  The first two and even the third are quick reads but goodness help you on this fourth one,  it just drags and drags and drags so more.  By the end of the series, I actually disliked all the characters - Robert and his pompous, superior attitude, Grace with the whiny just barely one step above Bella Swan,  Stacey - completely unbelievable at the end ( and she had been one of my favorite characters),  Lark - mostly silent in this last book..... Plus, in the third book they kill off the villain, or at least who you think the villain is.  So, a la Twilight - how do we fix that problem?   We create new characters that weren't introduced in any of the previous books nd act as if this all makes sense.  No.  Sometimes a series just needs to stop for the sake of preserving what was an at least entertaining read.  This is the perfect example of a book that should never have been written.

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