Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Truth about Faking

The Truth About Faking

I read a lot of YA novels - mostly to read ahead of my voracious daughters.  I do enjoy a good YA novel though, so sometimes it is just for me.  I have to say that the title intrigued me about this one.  Of course it starts out that Harley ( the girl) is trying to get with Trent, but he's just not that into her.  She decides that the best way to get his attention is to make him jealous.  Enter the "fake" boyfriend, Jason. That's all pretty cliche but it certainly isn't the entirety of what this book is about.  

What Harley finds through the course of this book is that everyone is faking.  Everyone hides a secret - even her.  I really liked the surprising ways that this book moved and told a much bigger story.   I can't say more without spoilers, so I will just say, 4/5 stars.  

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