Saturday, March 28, 2015

Prophecy: The Dragon King Chronicles

  1. Prophecy (Dragon King Chronicles Series #1)
I read this one for the Flights of Fantasy reading challenge.  This is the story of Kira, a young woman raised to be a warrior. Her sole role is to protect her cousin, Taejo, the future king and savior of prophecy.   At first, I viewed the character of Kira as largely two - dimensional and simple because she is presented that way.  But as the story goes on, more depth in her character is revealed.  In addition to being a female warrior, which in itself is unusual, she can also see demons.  It is this threat that she protects her cousin from and it is this ability which causes her to be largely shunned by the general populace.  Isn't it true that people always fear what they don't understand?

I thought that the Japanese and particularly the Korean influences in the story were unique.  While I enjoyed the story, I found much of the plot to be predictable and while entertaining, not completely engaging.  Not sure I will continue on with this series.  

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