Saturday, January 24, 2015

Speaker for the Dead

My husband has been encouraging me for over a year to continue on with the Ender's Quintet.  I loved Ender's Game so much and I thought that the ending was beautiful.  I loved that Orson Scott Card allowed the reader to create their own ending... and then I realize that there are more books.  I was reluctant to take anything away from the perfection that is Ender's Game and so, I put it off.

I finally picked up Speaker for the Dead and I am so glad that I did.  Ender's all grown up, both physically and emotionally.   I enjoyed the growth, understanding and compassion that his character showed throughout this book.  I could also relate to all the newly introduced characters as well and thought the added depth to this new level of the story.

A new alien life form has been found.  Horrible murders have been committed and someone has called for a Speaker for the Dead.  Will Ender be able to create harmony between the human population and the "Piggies"?  What about the cocoon of the Formic Hive Queen that he carries with him?  Will he finally find redemption for how he played his game?  

I can't say that all these questions are answered, but I will say that if you enjoyed Ender's Game, it is worthwhile to pursue the entirety of the series.

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