Thursday, January 15, 2015

Moth by Daniel Arenson

I have to start out by saying that I chose this book for two reasons: 1.  I read Requiem by the same author and thought it was amazing, and 2. it fight nicely into a much needed category for my PopSugar Reading Challenge.

Daniel Arenson is an amazing writer who does incredible work building worlds and back story for his fantasy novels.  The premise of this one is so interesting - imagine the Earth stops turning and one side is always in the light, while the other lives in perpetual dark.   The story is about two people, one from each side of Moth, as the Earth is now called.   They each have misperceptions and misgivings about one another and about people from the other side  This book is about tolerance and bravery.  Bravery isn't always fighting battles but sometimes, it's about listening to avoid them. 

I read a lot of YA because I have two daughters that are avid readers and I'm a teacher who is always looking for books to suggest to my students.  This book is perfect for ages 9-11 but a bit simplistic for anyone over that age group, in my opinion.

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