Sunday, January 25, 2015

Falling from Grace - Supernatural Romance

Ok,  I have to admit it, I have a weakness for a good story about angels.  Especially dark, brooding angels with dark hair and eyes. If you enjoy supernatural romance, this book is extremely easy to read and very enjoyable.  I plan on reading the rest of the series to satisfy the trilogy requirement of the PopSugar Reading challenge.

So, if I liked it so much, why only 4 stars?  Well, in my mind, I started to compare it to Twilight - a book that I abhor.  I realized that many of the qualities that I didn't like in Twilight were also present to a degree in this book.  What qualities, you ask?  Well, how about a heroine would doesn't appreciate her own self worth?  Although I must say that Grace is much stronger than Bella Swan could ever be.  When offered immortality, unlike Bella, Grace chooses her humanity.  She embraces all those things that make her unique.  She definitely grows throughout the course of the story. 

Also, Robert's initial behavior toward Graham was Edward/Jacob - esque. I thought it was wrong that Grace would stay away from her friend simply because Robert had issues controlling his jealousy.  That said, in the end, Robert and Graham do find a way to come together and Robert conquers his jealousy, learning to trust Grace.  So while there were some Twilight like moments, in the end, I think these characters rise to the occasion, something which never occurs in Twilight. 

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