Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dare Me by Megan Abbott

Image result for dare me by megan abbott   Maybe I'm just not a big mystery reader, though I'm not really sure that is what this book is. There is a death in the book and some investigation.  But the book isn't really about that.

To start, the main character is Addy, a teenage cheerleader.  Most of the story is about her, the girls on the squad and their new coach.   I actually thought that the story was going to be based on the real life murder of a cheerleader recently in Texas, but believe me when I say, this book is nothing remotely similar to that.

I have a new set of standards that I am using to evaluate books -

~  if a book is so terrible that I can't even finish it, one star.

~ if a book has a minimum of correct sentence structure and consistent voice - two stars.

~ if the book has characters that I can relate to - three stars.  I'm the type of person that needs someone to root for, a good guy, if you will.

~ for four  stars a book must have all of that and an engrossing/ original plot.  It's a book that makes you want to read it.

~ in order to earn five stars, the book must make me FEEL something and have a story that is timeless - some lesson or message.  

Based on those criteria, this book is two stars.  I managed to finish it, but barely.  I was really disappointed in this one.

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