Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bird Song book #17

This is the sequel to Falling from Grace.   In the original story, Grace, falls in love with an angel named Robert.  In my initial post for the first book, I pointed out that there were some ( for me) uncomfortable similarities with Twilight.  Well, this story is where the similarities end.  Oh sure, there still are some, but this book is much better written, with more care given to character development. 

In contrast to the constantly annoying Bella Swann, Grace is a character that continues to grow and delight.  She doesn't want to change to be with her love but rather insists that she be accepted and loved as she is.  Real love isn't about when people want to change us, real love truly is about acceptance.  Do I think she will eventually change in the ways implied in the book?  Likely, but I think it would be better if Robert did.  I think that tells a better story.  Oh well,  I guess we'll see where this one leads.  The next in the series is way down on my tbr list. 

For now, this was my book with author with same initials ( had to flip hers)  for the PopSugar Reading challenge.  

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