Monday, November 2, 2015

The Change (The Bachelor Battles Book 1) by Angela White

   Imagine a world where  a virus has infected the entire female population causing them to become rabid, violent beings.   The only thing that can ease the effects of the change is having a mate.  Also effected by the virus?  Male birth rate.   Men become extremely rare - a commodity used by the government to control the population.

Daniel and Candice were childhood friends - meant to be together until Daniel's poverty stricken family sells him to the government.   Candice swears that she will get Daniel back.   Years later, she enters the Bachelor Games - a fight to the death with the prize for the winner being the bachelor of their choice.

The battle scenes were quick, not well fleshed out.   I dont' need gory details but the entire part of the book dealing with the games seemed to be over rather quickly.   The plot was actually more about infiltrating the Rebels - run by free males.  The sex scenes, which were numerous, were steamy and exciting not for young adult eyes.

I thought that the character of Daniel was the most developed and the relationship between him and Candace was very sweet.  That said,  I think so much more could have been done.  It's an interesting concept but I think more character interaction and analysis would enhance the book.  I will not read the next one in the series. 3 out of 5 stars.

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