Monday, September 28, 2015

The Testing by Joelle Carbonneau

 This is a classic dystopian novel - something has happened to the Earth, in this case a devastating war resulting in contaimination and ruin.   The government that has risen from the ash, isn't being completely honest with it's people.

Cia is from Five Lakes colony.   All her life she has wanted to be chosen for the testing - and become a student at the Universtiy.  Only a very select few are chosen to do so.   Cia's father shares his recurring nightmares with his daughter and warns her to trust no one.  Nothing is as it seems.

During the testing, Cia and her friends are tested intellectually and morally.   There are tests within tests.   A little slow in the middle but worth continuing.  I will most likely finish the series.  I gave this one 3/ 5  stars.

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