Friday, September 25, 2015

The Lost Prince ( Iron Fey #5) by Julie Kagawa

   It pains me to do this.  It really does.  I am a HUGE fan of the Iron Fey series books 1-4.   I loved the fresh take on the Fey courts and the incorporation of the Iron Fey.  I thought that the characters in the books - all of them - but particularly Ash, Meaghan and Puck - were very memorable.  They felt like friends.  

When I saw this title, I was really excited to return to that world, but sadly, this is not that.   Yes, you do return to the NeverNever.  You do see favorite characters again but this time, they are the supporting cast for a new crew - Meaghan's half brother Ethan, his annoying, ripped straight from Lost Girl  love interest Kenzie and Todd - the half fey who needs Ethan's help.

I couldn't wrap my head around Ethan.  I understand that he hates the Fey because of bad things that happen to him, but, he's a tool.   I understand the tough guy with a heart of gold  persona, but Ethan just didn't do it for me.  Because I couldn't relate to Ethan - OR Kenzie - who I just found annoying - the whole story fell flat for me.   So disappointed.  Stick with books 1-4, they are AWESOME - and then, let it go......

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