Sunday, September 13, 2015

Compulsive by Lia Fairchild

Product Details  I picked up this book via kindle unlimited as it was recommended to me by a group of friends on Facebook.   I read some chick lit/romance though, if you read my blog, you can see that I am not a voracious consumer of this type of book. That said,  I really enjoyed it.

The main character's name is Gray.  She is dealing with some unique issues in her life which ultimately have resulted in her being a compulsive liar.   Gray is forced into therapy due to some issus at work - if she doesn't try to work throuh her problems with a professional, she will lose her job.   The way in which she ultimately ends up with Dr. Harrison as his patient is somewhat unexpected.

This book is about relationships - how they impact us and how we can ultimately help one another. I enjoyed the breadth of emotion that the author was able to create.  I could feel Gray's emotions and frustrations.  I could definitely feel the sexual tension betwee her and the men in her life.  

If you enjoy chick lit/ romance,  I highly recommend this book.  It is engaging and enjoyable - a page turner.   I gave it 4 out of stars.

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