Saturday, December 17, 2016

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls

Product DetailsJune and Delia were  inseperable when they were young.  Something happens as they get older which causes a rift between the two.   Apparently no one told them the old adadge - Boys are here today, but friends are here to stay.

At any rate, June, although estranged from Delia, is deeply affected when she learns that her former friend has committed suicide.  She barely has time to grieve when Delia's boyfriend shows up and convincers her that Delia was murdered.

June feels compelled to find out what happened to her friend.  She feels badly that she didn't help her in life, so she chooses to investigate her death.

The result is crazy, topsy- turvy ride that the reader could never expect.   I gave it only three stars because the story gets a little convoluted at the end and seems to lose it's way.  Still, it was enjoyable and I like it when I can't foresee how things will end up.   I gave it three stars.

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