Monday, December 26, 2016

Mischling by Affinity Konar

Product DetailsIt just so happened that I saw this book, with it's amazing cover, on the NY Times list for best books of the year.  Later that same week, it was on sale on Amazon for $1.99.   I love it when that happens.  I figured that I had nothing to lose!

This is the story of two twins, Pearl and Stasha, that happen to be Jews.  Their story begins on the train into Aushwitz when they are approximately 13 years old.   They are taken from their family and selected for "special treatment"  by Dr. Mengele because they are twins.

The good doctor does horrible experiments on children who are multiples and also those with any type of genetic mutation like dwarfism, albinos, etc.     While those selected are treated better than others at the camp in that they receive more food, they undergo the most horrific experiences.   The worst part of this particular story is to know that while Pearl and Stasha were likely not real people - Dr. Mengele and his experiments were VERY real.

This story seems particularly important in light of recent societal events - particularly the election of Donald Trump and his desire to create a registry of people.  Now more than ever, it is important to remember what happened the last time we allowed people to be categorized based on religion or nationality.  I gave this one 5 stars and recommend it highly.

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