Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Product DetailsThis one was recommended to me about three years ago and for some reason, it sat on my TBR list, always waiting but I just kept putting it off.   Well, I finally got to it and I really enjoyed it.   It's an amazing story about the impact of not being honest with yourself and redemption.

Noah and Jude are twins.  Very close, very talented.   They both want to attend the local art school.   They both seek their parents respect, love and admiration nd sometimes, they present themselves, not as they are, but as others think they should be.   When you lie to yourself, you kill a part of your soul and throughout the story this can be seen, especially with Noah.

I loved that the author went out of her way to create a diverse and real cast of characters.   It's rare for me to read a woman writing a male character and really relating to that character.   All the characters are beautifully drawn but I just loved Noah.

They were moments in this book that made you laugh, some that made you cry but all of it is wonderful.  I enjoyed how the author tied in the title ( I love it when that happens!)   I also enjoyed the parrots, "Where's Ralph?"   When you read the book, you will get this inside joke.  

Don't be like me.  Don't wait to read it.  Do it now.   Five stars.

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