Sunday, June 26, 2016

Paper Princess ( The Royals book 1) by Erin Watt

Product Details I did't read this book for any particular reason other than the cover appealled to me.  I think it would work for a book with a yellow cover.    Perhaps.

This is the story of Ella - a somewhat trite name for a modern day Cinderella, but hey, I didn't name her.   She is a brave girl - working three jobs to help her sick mother and get her high school education.   Then one day,  her white knight arrives in the form of her unknown guardain, Callum Royal.

Callum takes Ella back to his home to become part of his family.  He has 5 teenage sons.  See the trouble brewing?   Needless to say, the "Royals"  arent' necessarily thrilled with this new addition to their family.  Will Ella be able to win them over?  Does she even want to?

This is a bit of  a YA romance, a bit mystery.  I enjoyed it, but it was nothing special.  I gave it a three out of 5 stars for helping me while the summer hours away.

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