Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley

Product DetailsI read this book for the winner of the Newbery award category.   This work won the award in 1985.   Plus, it has a dragon on the cover.  What could be cooler?

This is the story of Aerin, first sol of Damar.   She has been waiting and waiting for her Gift to appear, as it should in those of the Royal blood; however, by the time she is 15, she is still waiting - unusual for her family.   The people blame her mother - the "witchwoman" of the North.  They say that the king was ensorcelled and compelled to marry Aerin's mother who died when Aerin was born because she was not a boy.

In Aerin's land, dragons are a nuisance.  They are dog size and go around eating farm animals and small children.  No one really wants to bother with them but someone has to.  So Aerin becomes a dragon slayer.  But what would happen if one of the Great Dragons were left?  Who would there be to fight?  And what if that isn't the greatest threat to Damar?  And where is the Hero's Crown that is meant to protect them? 

All these questions are answered.   I usually love action/fantasy books especially with a strong female lead.  That was not the case here.   I loved Aerin and especially her care of Talat, her father's war horse.   But many of the main characters were undeveloped, especially the villain.  As fantasy's go, just ok.   I gave it 2 stars.

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