Saturday, June 4, 2016

Guardian by A.J. Messenger

Product DetailsThis book was free on Kindle Unlimited.   I'm sort of a sucker for books about Angels - I don't know why, I just always have been.  This book was quick and enjoyable.  If you enjoy supernatural romance - it's passable; however, this book was eerily similiar to a better version of itself by SL Naeole called Saving Grace.  

Both books have a heroine who is more beautiful than she knows.  Athough she is a member of the odd crew at school, there is always something about her.   Both have the super handsome and of course fabulously wealthy angel who just can't help himself when the good girl is around.  Each story has a villian who represents the Fallen - the worst choices in all of us.  In each story, there is some reason why our fearless heroine and her one true love can never consumate their relationship.  Yep, essentially the same story.  Naeole's is better.

I gave this one 2 stars.  Entertaining enough but nothing really special.

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