Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Product Details  I love stories about the Fae and this one really had a creative twist.  This is the story of Ivy,  a member of the Order that protects humanity from the Fae and helps to keep the doorways to the Otherworld firmly closed.   Lately though, there seems to be an increase in Fae activity in New Orleans and Ivy must get to the bottom of it. 

Enter Ren - a member of the Elite - a special branch of the Order from Colorado.  It's Ren's job to track down Ancient Fae - those who can not be killed with Iron.  He teams up with Ivy and discovers that the two of them have a rather remarkable chemistry.

Can they figure out what lies between them and save humanity?   Or are there just too many secrets they feel that they can not share?   This is a trilogy, of which currently only two books have been released.   I will read the other two books and I look forward to seeing how the conflicts will be resolved.  I have read other works by this author that I have also enjoyed.  If you enjoy books about the Fae or supernatural romance,  give this book a try.   Three stars.

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