Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert

Product DetailsI loved Dune and I, initially, had no idea that it was part of a series.  Once I did know it was a series, I thought it had been carried on by Frank Herbert's children - which is true of the later books - but the first three were written by Frank Herbert, himself.

This story picks up slightly after Dune left off.  Paul Atreides is now Imperial Emperor.  He sets himself up as heir to everything that he originally hated.   He is struggling to obtain an heir.  The Bene Gesserit want him to father a child with the Harrkonen princess Irulan.   Paul wants his love, Chani, to be the mother of the future.  

There's a lot of politics and philosophy in this book.  Maud'dib experiences much self doubt and reflection.  I love the questions that Herbert raises about cloning, souls,  and the very nature of Heroes and gods.  If you enjoyed Dune, this adds to the understanding of their characters but in some ways also muddies the waters.

I gave it three stars.

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