Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

  This just came out last week and I finished it last night.   Talk about a real mind bender.  Blake Crouch seems to have a real talent for it, perhaps that is why I love his writing so much.

This is the story of Jason.  A particle physicist who teaches at a local college.  He's married to the love of his life and together, they have a 15 year old son.   Jason has regrets about choices that he could have made regarding his work, but overall he is satisfied with his life.  One night, he goes to a party to congratulate a college friend on his latest career achievement.  On his way home, he is abducted at gun point, injected with some narcotic and wakes up in a world that does not belong to him.

Imagine that for every decision that you make in your life, another version of yourself - out there in the multiverse - has made a different decision.  The potential yous are endless.   Somewhere out there,  I went to law school.  Somewhere out there, I walked away from my husband.  Somewhere out there I never had a second child.   Someone told me once that the wishes that we make here in this life, are granted to another version of ourselves.  I like to think that's true and also, it makes me wonder why another version of me didn't wish for a pink, winged unicorn to ride to school?

I enjoy this author so much because he really makes you think.  I haven't had this much fun questioning why since Cloud Atlas.   Five out of five stars.

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