Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Product DetailsI loved in  a Dark, Dark Wood so much that I pre-ordered this title.

All I can say is,  it's difficult to believe that the books were written by the same person.   While both books rely upon an unreliable narrator, that is where the similarities end.

In this book,  Lo is a reporter for a travel magazine.   Because her boss is on maternity leave, Lo gets the opportunity that she has been waiting for - an exclusive cruise with the higher ups that she can interview and showcase on a cover story.

Just before Lo leaves for her trip, she is burglarized.  Don't ask me why this is relevant, let's just say that it sends her on an emotional and alcoholic bender from which it is difficult to recover.  Finally, she joins the crew and passengers of the Aurora Beorealis on it's maiden voyage.   Once there, she asks the woman in Cabin 10 if she can borrow her mascara.  

After a night of drinking, she hears a woman scream, a crash and a splash.   She becomes convinced that the woman next door has been thrown overboard.   She reports this to boat security, only to find out there is no woman in cabin 10.  Duh, duh. duh.......

I won't go in to the insanity that follows.  I can best describe it as this. 2/3 slugfest ( Slow...... slow.......S--------L---------O--------------------------------W)   followed by 1/3 insanity.  All three thirds were not my cup of tea.  If you liked the completely overrated The Girl on the Train then you will probably like this book too.  If you, like me, think that book was complete garbage, then you should probably avoid this book as well.  I gave it two stars and that was a gift.

I think this author is very talented but this book was just awful.

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