Monday, July 25, 2016

The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close

Product DetailsThis is a new release, just out this week.   I've been reading about it for a while and it's been getting a lot of buzz from publishing houses, book riot, etc......  I wanted to read this one because I thought, in light of the political season, it would be fun.  I planned to use it at my book club meeting where each reader is reading a book of their choice. 

It was fantastic!  The author really did an amazing job of what life in and around DC is really like.  ( I like in Annapolis, so close enough to know.)    This is the story of Beth and Matt, newly weds who move from New York to DC so that Matt can work on his lifelong dream of running for Political office.

They are young and he is busy working and volunteering for the Obama campaign.   They meet other young couples like themselves and form friendships.   The book does a really great job of demonstrating how power corrupts things - people, friendships, everything.   And the end of the book - the last two paragraphs are among the best I have ever read. 

I gave it four stars and I'm really glad that I read it.  I would recommend it highly to any who enjoy politics and a good read.

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