Monday, July 4, 2016

Winter Journey by Diane Armstrong


I read this book for my book challenge.  The category was a book with winter in the title, but I could also have used it for historical fiction.   This is the story Halina Shore, a forensic dentist who goes to Poland to help solve a mystery from the past.   A mass grave has been found in Poland.  What happened to the Jews?   Were they slaughtered by Germans?  Or their own countrymen?

This book is a mystery wrapped in a mystery.  Halina was born in Poland and then moved with her mother to Australia after the war.  But as Halina begins to pursue her own past, she finds that nothing is as it seems.

I really enjoyed this book.  The bits about Mitochondrial DNA and forensic dentistry were fascinating.   I loved the scenes in the court room where they discussed how information of this type can be used to identify a perpetrator because I found courtroom thrillers ( good ones anyway)  completely fascinating. After Halina goes to Poland and begins her investigation,  the book tends to lose it's way, and then finds it again at the very end.   It started off so promising and then drags a little.   Three stars.   I'm glad I read it but I felt it was a bit long and a little too dense in parts.

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