Friday, October 16, 2015

Modern Monsters by Kelley York

Product Details  I have to admit, the premise of this one intriguied me - a young man wrongly accused of rape from his perspective and how it impacted his life.   Vic goes to a party with his best friend, Brett.   While there, he sees a girl he knows, Callie, drunk out of her mind and throwing up.   He takes he inside the party, helps her, finds her a quiet place to lay down, gets her a waste paper basket and leaves her.  

Someone rapes Callie and the only person she can remember is Vic.  Her memories of him are hazy, because she was so drunk, so she accuses him of the heinous crime.  

The beginning part of the book - where Vic has to undergo  evidence collection and how the people in his life respond to him was interesting.  I am sure that this would be very similar to what  would happen.   After that, the book takes some strange turns.    Vic somehow becomes involved with Callie's best friend, Autumn.   Most girls I know would not get entangled with a  person accused of raping their friend, so this seemed either very unrealistic or extremely open minded for a teenage girl.

I thought that the interpersonal relationships between Brett and Vic and Vic and his mother, especially, could have been better developed.  For starting off in such a promising way, this book - for me- was only ok.  3 out of 5 stars.

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