Wednesday, May 4, 2016

When We Collided by Emery Lord

Product DetailsI read his one for a book dealing with a mental illness.   This is the story of Jonah and Vivi.  

Vivi is a girl who just moved to California from Oregon.   She's running from something but it isn't clear esactly what.  Jonah is a 16 year old boy livin the life of a man.  His father just passed away and his mother is completely inapable of being a parent - leaving Jonah and his siblings to care for their younger brother and sisters.  Initially Vivi seems to breathe life into Jonah's life and his siblings but then.... little things start to go awry.

You see, Vivi has bipolar disorder and she, like many who have this disease, doesn't think she needs her medication.  A disaster is brewing.   At first,  I thought that Jonah and Vivi would be good for one another but then I remembered what it was actually like to be with someone who had bipolar disorder.  It's hard - you cant save them from themselves - they have to do it and they have to want to do it.  Vivi isn't really there.   I found myself wanting Jonah to be with someone stronger - someone healthy.  Then I realijust how strong Vivi really was.

It was painful to read - difficult.   I gave it two stars not because the writing wasn't good but just, on a personal level,  it brought back too many painful memories.

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