Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Opportunist ( Love Me with Lies Book 1) by Tarryn Fisher

Product DetailsI read this book because it was the first book on my goodreads recommendation page.  I tweaked this as my "First Book in the Book store"  category for the Goodreads challenge.  I hate walking into the only real local  bookstore ( Barnes and Noble ) and seeing the mostly crap on their front table.   So I had to come up with a better, more personal option for me.

It worked out beautifully.   I would never have picked this book up to read otherwise, but I ended up really enjoying it.

This is the story of Olivia, a young woman who has made a lot of mistakes, especially with the one man who got away - Caleb.   She hurt him badly and betrayed him but through it all, she still has feelings for him and wishes she could have a do-over.   Then one day, she bumps into Caleb  at a vinyl record store, and the opportunity presents itself.  Caleb has been in an accident and he doesn't remember Olivia or anything about their lives together.   Will this be the second chance that Olivia hopes for?  Or will she run out of time as Caleb's memory returns?

This book certainly had lots of interesting, and unforeseen twists and turns.   It's more than just the love story that it appears to be.   I gave it four stars.

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