Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stars for Fortune by Nora Roberts

Product DetailsBack in the day when I enjoyed reading Romance novels more,  Nora Roberts was one of my favorite authors.   Of course, this is also about the time that she started writing  - early 80's. Back then I just wanted something to entertain me and take my mind off of life and her books worked like a charm.   I chose to read this one for my goodreads reading challenge - author with more than one name.   As most people know, Nora Roberts also writes under the nom de plume J. D. Robb.

It pains me to say it, but her writing has become donwright predictable - especially lately. Her books usually come in sets of three.   There are forces, usually supernatural in nature, both for good and for evil that are facing off against one another.   On the side of good, there are ALWAYS three women and three men ( at least in her last several trilogies) Mated pairs obviously. There is always one who is just coming into her power ( it's always one of the females) and she invariable views herself as "the weakest link".   Of course, she falls in love with the most powerful male character - it's all rather trite.  I really hate predictable.  

I probably could have discerned exactly what happened in this book without ever reading it.   I gave it two stars.   It really is time for some new ideas for Ms. Roberts.  Needless to say, I won't be finishing the series.   If you like mind- numbingly predictable, this book is for you.   The best thing about this book was the scenery.   As always, Ms. Roberts descriptive writing is beautiful. But that's the best I have to say.

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