Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

Product Details I will start off by saying that I am a Nicholas Sparks fan.   But for me, his books are hit or miss.  The hits : The Notebook, A Walk to Remember,  Safe Have, The Lucky One, and the Longest Ride.   Unfotunately for me, this one fell among the misses.

It starts off so promising.  Gabby and Travis are neighbors who start off on the wrong foot.  Gabby's dog is pregnant and she thinks that Travis's mutt is to blame.    It turns out that Travis is the small town vet and when Gabby's dog is in trouble, he is there to help.   There is an immediate attraction between them, and even though Gabby is dating someone else, they can't seem to help it.

I believe in true love.  I even believe in love at first sight, but for a book that starts off with a slow build, what happens between the main characters could have used some more depth in the development.  Once they start "seeing" each other it's just boom:  they're in bed, they're saying their I love yous..... It just seemed a bit too cliche.   I have come to expect more from this author.

I choose this book to satisfy the PopSugar Reading Challenge book that became a movie.  I was hoping for more.  I gave it three stars.

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