Saturday, March 26, 2016

Little Lamb Lost

Product DetailsI read this one for the PopSugar Challege task #18  a book with alliteration in the title.   I also used it for my GoodReads Challenge the 16th book from the bottom on my TBR list.

This is the story of Claire,  a social worker who is employed by Child Protective Services.   She has a client, Ashley, who was a former crack addict that she is helping to get clean.   Ashley lost her child, Michael, but then went into rehab and worked hard to get him back.  Ashley has been clean for a year and a half, but suddenly,  Michael shows up dead under suspicious circumstances.   Is Ashley to blame?  Should Claire have seen it coming?

This story is all too real.   I remember when I lived in Florida the story of a little boy named AJ who kept being returned to his "family" by CPS.   He died, cold and alone and they let it happen.   He was kept in a cage,  he was fed dog food when he was fed at all and he endured horrors that no creature should ever know.   This book hit close to home but, at the same time, was completely emotionally lacking.  I didn't care about Claire - I didn't care if she lost her job.  I didn't care about Ashley because I couldn't understand why she wouldn't do EVERYTHING in her power to bring those that actually harmed her child to justice.   The only character I did care about was Michael, which I guess is why I continued on with the story, because I wanted to know who killed him and why.   It turned out that it wasn't much of a mystery.

Keeping in mind that mysteries aren't usually my thing,  I gave this one 2 stars.   It was ok but I hate it when the plot seems obvious.  Task down and I probably won't read any more from this author.

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