Saturday, February 20, 2016

All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

I read this book for my reading challenge - task 40 - a book published in 2016.  It also could have been used for a YA book or science fiction.   The story is about two children, Patricia and Laurence.  They are both somewhat odd - Patricia embraces nature and magic, while Laurence is drawn to science and technology.

They achieve something wonderful as children, something that they don't even realize. 

They grow up and both end up living in San Francisco.  A series of events keeps bringing them together while the world around them is falling apart.  Patricia is a very powerful witch and Laurence is working on a machine that he hopes will save humanity.

I really liked the premise of this book, I thought the ideas behind the characters were very unique.  The writing was somewhat choppy though.  First their children, then he's in military school, then they are grown ups.  It moves around in a discombobulated way that is difficult to follow.

I loved the ultimate resolution of the conflict ( sort of ) in the story and the use of symbolism.  If you read this book,  birds are everywhere and Peregrines are mentioned specifically.   They are symbolic of wisdom as we seek to solve dilemmas in our world - the rising above the situation.  It's very appropo here.

Even though I really enjoyed this book, I only gave it 3 stars due to the choppy nature of the story. 

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