Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Couple Next Door

Product DetailsI love mystery and suspense and this one really kept me guessing.   It all started with a dinner party.....

Anne and Marco seem to have it all - a great relationship, a thriving business, a beautiful baby girl.   But, on the night of their neighbors birthday party, the babysitter cancels.   Marco comes up with the bright idea that they can leave their baby sleeping and take the baby monitor next door to the party and just check on the baby every half hour, which the couple agrees to do.   Both Anne and Marco have more to drink than they should but everything seems to be going fine until..... they get home at 1:30 am and find their baby missing.

Things are revealed through the course of their story that all is not as it appears.   The author does a great job of casting doubt in many different directions.  Who could have taken the baby and why?   There were many unexpected twists and turns throughout the plot which I enjoyed.  I really hate it when I can guess what is going to happen.   I would recommend this one to a friend who also enjoys mystery and suspense.  I gave it four stars.

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